SenXis Solutions, leading the way in integrated risk management, customizing resident/patient centered care, reducing injuries and drastically decreasing the probability of elopement in your facility.
Eliminate Risk of Elopement
Comfort and Safety
Reduced insurance costs & legal expenses
Patient Centered Care
     SenXis' technology will help you:
•   Operate more efficiently.
•   Reduce, if not eliminate, elopements from your facility.
•   Reduce the frequency of injury or death.
•   Prioritize safety and comfort for your residents needs on an
    individual basis.
•   Maximize the value of existing infrastructure and systems.
•   Stay focused on your core business.
•   Increase occupancy levels. 
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Increased Quality of Care
Rules engine for consice procedural control
  Customize your system for optimum performance
Event data is recorded and stored for future reference
Wireless deployment of sensors and controls
Bedtime incontinence monitoring
Prioritize events as they occur
Real time critical event notification
Precise resident location tracking
Shorten staff response time though escalated event  notifications