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Since that initial development program, it was clear the managed care facilities market needed a comprehensive, integrated solution from a single provider that could address all the systems needs of a community and facility owner. Senxis was formed as a Product and Services company to take on the responsibility of answering the need and the operational challenges of the underserved facility owners.

With such a strong background in medical systems technology, it was a natural evolution for
Senxis to build upon that initial experience and grow our product line and service offerings to what you see today. Our ability to integrate new technology with existing technology is unsurpassed.

Senxis stands above all other companies as the most capable product design, systems integrator group and project management team in the industry. No one stands above our technical experience or systems knowledge.

We are new to the healthcare facilities market but we are the most experienced product and technology company you will find today!  If you have a need,
Senxis can deliver a solution.

We look forward to working with you as partners to bring your facilities up to the highest level of performance and efficiency.
Senxis Solutions began its commercial operations in mid 2013 after the successful design and development of an integrated systems platform for a memory care facility client by an affiliate company DWH Systems, Inc. DWH Systems has been in business 20+ years and has been involved in medical product and technology R&D since its inception.
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