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SenXis Solutions, Aware Technology is an advanced facility management system, utilizing an intelligent alert notification system and rules based engine to effectively oversee resident and staff activity. To help you efficiently manage and control your environment, Senxis provides both on-site and remote access to all systems and data logs.
Every facility has up to the minute logs that document the events and status of its residents, staff and infrastructre. All that data needs to be 1) stored securely and 2) be made available for review and analysis to improve operations.

Senxis offers both on-line and remote access to a facilities logs and data records through secure administrative portals.

Standard reports can be formatted for daily/weekly/monthly review. Remote access to a facility is provided by secure remote access technology allowing a corporate office to either gather and upload static log and data records or access and monitor real-time facility operations. A remote office can see exactly what the staff at the local facility sees in real-time.
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