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Providing integrated solutions to managed care facilities for:
The Facilities Management System is a smart, event driven controls interface. The system processes sensory and user input and
proactively generates events and outputs to manage and provide guidance in delivery of responsible care. Sensors are
configurable to the individual characteristics of a Resident. Sensor events are tailored by time of day, activity levels and even
grouped to intelligently know who is triggering events. Our system intuitively and naturally integrates into a facility’s workflow
and subsequently provides concise and extensive documentation of the facility’s operations and level of care for residents.
Management oversight and review of performance data is provided through detailed reports and automated real-time event
driven notifications. System, facility, resident and staff information is maintained in secure storage with tight security protocols
in place. Resident information is stored in encrypted records in a secure database only accessible from supervisory level log-in.
Facilities Management System Hardware
Management Software Modules
Fully integrated systems, Customizable for each facility’s unique operating conditions.

Our information display application suite consists of both the “Composer” application for creation of dynamic graphic, photographic or video content and the “Player” utility that runs on any computer system attached to a public/private display panel. Content can be created anywhere and pushed to the player via an internet cloud interface. The player is capable of autonomously retrieving new play files and knows when new content is available.  A single composer can be used to create and push content to any number of player end points.

At the Player portal, multiple play lists can be stored and on command, Player can be instructed to switch from its normal play list to a special list. The Special playlist can hold any content but is most often used for emergency information or special event instructions. After the special event has concluded, Player can be switched back to its normal content with a single command.
Digital Signage
Comm Panel
Access Control
RFID Door Locks
HD IP Cameras
RFID Tracking
Command Center
Primary Server
Nurse Call sub-system; (900MHz wireless sensor network)
Event Notification system: (Tablets, Smart Phones, Paging, Text messaging, PA announcements)
Perimeter Access Control
RFID active tracking; ( Real-time location tracking of Residents and Staff)
Resident Door Lock interface
Asset tracking & location
HVAC systems control
Resident management software
Resident assessment software
Staff performance logging
Resident Photo distribution from HD IP cameras
Digital Signage systems
Audio system interface; background music and automated announcement
Facility management and records reporting system
Primary Server; Facilities management server platform
NAS drive w/ Raid 5 redundant disk array
Command Center; Supervisory communications platform
Comm Panels; Peripheral user interface panels (touch screen panels)
RFID Tracking system; positional awareness and reporting
High Def, IP camera system for capture of common area, group settings
Resident room door lock interface; ( RFID tracking interface into a  networked RFID door lock system)
Access Control System interface
HVAC System interface; Resident room and common Facility area
Back Office Software Suite Modules
Resident management
Resident Contacts management; with photo, e-mail and SMS text messaging interface
Staff management
System Health Monitor; (Smart monitoring and real-time remote reporting of hardware and application status and operational performance)
Systems management (Hardware configuration, status and maintenance)
Resident Assessment and Needs Requirements interface (State specific)
Report generator
Check-in / Check-out feature
Resident management oversight
Real-time display and reporting of activities  and events
Staff performance metrics
Reporting tailored to the needs of the management group
Data managed in secure encrypted storage
Multiple levels of access rights, all entries and access events logged  for administrative review
Digital Signage Application
Our current commercial product and application suites, designed for deployment in managed care facilities such as assisted living and memory care facilities, consist of the following mix of products, features and functions:
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