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Integrated Solutions
Nurse Call System
Our Nurse Call system is comprised of a network of passive and active wireless sensors offering a real-time staff response platform. Passive Motion Sensors disbursed throughout the facility provide individualized oversight of resident activity. Emergency call switches placed in critical locations such as bathrooms, common areas or bedside provide instant event notification to staff. Resident bracelets provide a personal emergency call feature whereby staff are not only altered to the immediate need but are also provided the exact location of the resident within the facility.
Nurse Call
RFID Tracking
Our facility wide RFID tracking system is state-of-the art! Locate… Residents, Staff or Assets to within feet anywhere in the common areas of the facility.

The RFID tracking system offers our smart Aware Technology that can assist in real-time elopement notification, unlocking internal resident rooms, initiating common area photo capture and distribution, historical position-location tracking or proximity awareness.

The silicone wrist bracelet is water proof and comfortable to wear continuously. The bracelet contains both the active tracking electronics and an emergency call switch for calling staff to the exact location of need anywhere in the facilities monitored areas.
HD-IP Cameras
High Definition IP cameras, located throughout a facility’s common areas, offer the opportunity for family and loved ones to receive daily photos of their resident engaged in daily life. Meal time, group activities or any  participation in facility events are captured in high definition images and sent to select individuals identified within a residents contact distribution list.

The Family gets to see first-hand that their loved ones are active and engaged in life….. not just sitting and watching it go by.

Coupled with the RFID tracking system, the photo capture system is fully aware of each and every individual that is within the field of view of each camera. Only residents that are actually in the photo will have their pictures distributed.
RFID Door Lock Integration
Teaming with a worldwide leader in RFID door lock systems, SenXis has developed a facility interface whereby our RFID tracking system interfaces with their networked internal RFID door locks.

When a Resident is located within a few feet of their assigned room, our system will send an unlock command to the door lock system. The door lock system will respond with “door unlock”  and allow the resident to enter their room without any further action on their part. The door lock will emit both an audible and visual que that it has been activated.  If unopened within a few seconds, the door will automatically re-lock for safety.

A resident’s room can also be opened with a master RFID pass code, individual assigned RFID key or by a master key all of which are controlled by facility management and supervisory staff.
Audio / PA System Integration
The SenXis server has an audio interface that allows us to provide pre-recorded audio and digital music as a feed into a facility’s installed audio or PA system.

Pre-recorded messages announcing meals or events can be scheduled and played without active intervention by the staff. Digital music from CD’s, MP3 players, audio files or from an internet music source can be streamed from our servers audio output and feed into the facility audio system.

Our automated scheduler even has the ability to adjust the output volume of streaming audio for daytime and nighttime. No more forgetting to turn down the volume after 6pm! We’ve got that covered.
Digital Signage
SenXis has developed an elegant Digital Signage system comprised of both a content Composer and a presentation Player. The Composer software allows the creator to compile virtually any multimedia content into a rich engaging presentation. Content can include any form of photos, graphics or video, arranged into a sequential series of screen displays.  Scripts of screens can have any mix of still images, video windows, live weather feeds, or graphic content that presents a warm and inviting presentation to the observer.

Content can be composed anywhere and pushed to any Player display terminal that has internet connectivity. Player software will continuously monitor for new play list and download new play content automatically.

Users can prepare content that has delayed play start times or push “emergency”  or urgent playlist out to individual or groups of players at any time. Multiple players in a facility can run individual playlist or run a common playlist.

Digital Signage provides a communication medium for a facility to keep its residents and staff informed and entertained with little effort.
Security Camera Integration
The SenXis command center platform has the ability to link with a facility’s existing IP security cameras and display video directly to our on screen facility map.  No more accessing separate software to call up the security camera application. Once mapped, simply click on a camera icon and that camera’s video feed is displayed right on the facility management screen.
Access Control System Integration
The SenXis Aware technology has the ability to closely work with the basic features of your existing Access Control system. Most access control systems provide an output that can be utilized by our system to determine if a perimeter door has been opened with proper authority or without.

SenXis provides wireless door and window sensors that will notify us when they are opened. Coupled with the Access control system, we can determine if an opening was authorized or not. In the case of an unauthorized opening, an event  alert is generated and all staff within the area are notified of the situation. Alert messages contain the type of Event and location.

Additionally, Elopement by a resident is also determined by this system based on proximity to the open door or window and the loss of a residents RFID tracking signal. Detection of the possibility of Elopement sends out an immediate facility wide Event alert to all staff currently at the facility.
Communications Management
The SenXis Aware Healthcare solution contains some of the most current communication mediums available today.
Included in our system platform are interfaces for:
        •  Digital Pagers
        •  SMS Text messaging
        •  Audio messaging
        •  E-mail

Our server platform knows which communication format is best suited for every situation we monitor.
Digital pagers and text messaging are most often used for facility event notifications. Text messaging and e-mail are used for facility status monitoring and event reporting. Audio messaging is used when urgent alerts are required to be sent and for common notices over the audio system.

Additionally, management reports and remote monitoring are two functional areas that require a mixture of all communications channels.
Resident Management
  Resident Assessment and Service Needs application
Facility: Log-in / Log-out application
Resident personal log interface
       •  Demographics
       • Contact list
       •  History / Notes
Resident Incident Report application
Resident Skin Report application
Staff Management
Facility; Log-in / Log-out application
Staff-Resident Assignment interface
Staff HR file
      •  Demographics
      •  Contact list
      •  History / Notes
Time log report generator
Facilities Management
Staff Performance Report Generator
Sensor log reports; Resident / Staff
       •  Event reports
       • Tracking reports
Sensor log reports; Facility
       • Motion
       • Temperature
       • Door / window openings
       • Asset location tracking
Event list Reports
Systems Health Monitor
       • 24/7 Remote monitoring of all equipment
       • Included Technical Support channels
HD IP Cameras
RFID Door Lock
Audio System Integration
Digital Signage
Security System Integration
Access Control
Communications Mgmt
Resident Mgmt
Staff Mgmt
Facilities Mgmt
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RFID Tracking
HVAC Control
HVAC System Integration
HVAC system control includes both facility common area equipment and individual room control. There is no limit to the number of systems to be controlled. Using rules based performance metrics, the HVAC interface module allows infinite flexibility to maintain perfect temperature and humidity levels for optimum comfort levels.

Data logging provides a means to optimize your systems efficiency and performance. Integration of outside environmental sensors provides an opportunity to apply predicitive rules to the HVAC performance engine.

The Senxis HVAC control system will interface to virtuyally any HVAC system including: Gas electric, dual fuel, 4- 5- and 6-wire controls and single or multi-stage heat pumps. Our HVAC systems interface provides for multi-zone, load balancing, damper control and emergency override capabilities.
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